Homm Bitkisel network marketing in Turkey

2022-11-02 06:30

1- For example, the product with a catalog price of 56 TL comes to you for 43 TL.

2- Payback income is the amount of payback you get from the turnover you make according to your career, between 5% and 25%.

3- Intermediate Difference income is the income obtained from the intermediate difference consisting of the turnovers made by the representatives in the percentile determined in the career plan of the representative and the representatives in a percentile below their own percentile.

4- It is an income earned by representatives who have reached tourmaline and above levels. The representative can only earn leadership income from the first line representatives he has included in his team. To benefit from this income, you must be at the same or higher level as the title in your direct link. Each directly affiliated leader is paid separately.

5- Field support bonus is obtained when our representatives establish their career for two consecutive months. It is also known as the Vehicle bonus in the market. This income is not paid when İlkay makes it. It is an income paid in the 2nd month and other months. This income provides our representatives with income gains between 1700 and 20000.

6- It is an income valid for representatives who have reached the level of 25 out of 100. If a representative who has reached the level of 25 out of 100 has a representative that has reached the level of 25 out of 100 in his downline, as we have stated in our earnings table, he earns income from 7 generations, that is, he earns from 7 depths. .


You can earn good profits by selling your products and growing your team. We invite you to our team. Let's work together and win together.


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